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Pre-Wedding Segment

The Groom pacing...the bride primping...Dad waiting nervously...the guests arriving... Bianco Spirito will capture every nuance of the before- ceremony activities and edit it together in the Pre-Wedding Segment. You can choose to add soundbites and natural sound, or set the video to music, or combine both elements as we did here.

Bianco Spirito - White Spirit - Productions Wedding & Event Videography
biancospirito@yahoo.com email (302) 284-3657 Phone  34 N. Erin Ave., Felton, DE 19943

Video Highlights Segment

Bianco Spirito can do a Video Highlights segment for you and place the segment on your final DVD. This segment is set to music of your choice and it contains all the best footage from the day including pre-wedding, ceremony and reception.

This Video Highlights Section will also be placed on a separate disk, saved in a computer format that will be easily uploadable to your personal MySpace/Facebook page or website.
Video Highlights Disk

The Video Highlights disk will have your music video file saved in several different formats, so that it's easily accessible from a number of different computers and applications. 

The standard formats we currently provide include: Windows Media Player files, DivX and MPEG4. 

Want something else? We can also provide the following formats: WMVHD 1080i, WMV9, MPEG2, 3GB, iPhone, iPod, H264AVC and PSP files, available upon request back to top

Post-Wedding Segment

Ah, the happy faces on all of the bridal party, now that the hard part is over!  Bianco Spirito won't miss a nuance of your special day, and the pbotographer's photo session is no different. Set the whole thing to a cheerful love song that resembles this joyous occasion and it's a music video that's delightful to watch.

Professional, unobtrusive and responsible. That's Bianco Spirito's promise to you. Here is what Tiffani had to say about her service.

"Very professional, prompt and friendly service. Would definitely recommend to others."
Tiffani Holland
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