Bianco Spirito Productions can preserve the greatest  moments of your life! email (302) 284-3657 Phone (267) 566-6652 Cell 34 N. Erin Ave., Felton, DE 19943
Event Videography

A child's first recital, a championship ball game, your band's gig, a play.... whatever your event, where ever your event, Bianco Sprito will be there to work with you in order to provide the type of professional video coverage you desire, delivered in whatever format you need. That's Bianco Spirito's promise today. Call today and tell us what Bianco Spirito can do for you!

Bianco Spirito -White Spirit - Productions
Event Videography
Bianco Spirito - White Spirit - Productions Wedding & Event Videography email (302) 284-3657 Phone  34 N. Erin Ave., Felton, DE 19943
"I would recommend Bianco Spirito Productions to anyone looking to film a special event. Not only are they completely professional, but they also care about the customer and aim to make them happy. Ethically and artistically solid, BSP is unlike a lot of production companies I've worked with in the past."
Pauline Pisano
Brooklyn, NY

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