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How The Wedding Video Is Compiled

The whole wedding event is rather episodic. There is the before wedding events, the bride primping, the groom cracking jokes with the best man, father pacing nervously and the guests arriving.  The ceremony is its own entity, and it's is handled by itself. Then there are the events immediately after the ceremony which include the well-wishers greeting the happy couple and the photo session.  All of these little mini-events have their own nuances and little traditions, and a wedding video would be incomplete without them.  I handle the wedding day in little segments. Each segment is edited by itself, often set to music. I can include soundbites and natural sound or take out the sound entirely, and put a music bed underneath, or do a combination of these things. 

Each Video Segment runs several minutes long and will begin and end with a fade-up or fade-down to black, or another type of visual device which visually concludes the segment.  Once the segments are complete, we will take the segments and lay them chronologically on a timeline so that the entire video runs from beginning to end, just like a television program - only without pesky commercials! back to top

Video Highlights Segment

The last segment we will edit is the Video Highlights Segment. This is a panaramic view of the day's most auspicious moments set to music.  This segment will normally run 3-5 minutes.  Once completed we will also save it to its own disk as a computer file which you can upload to your personal website, MySpace or Facebook page.  No experience uploading video? We'll be happy to help you through the process. back to top

When Can I See My Wedding Footage?

Unlike your digital photographer you can probably get you your photo proofs instantaneously, video editing is a long, laborious process. Each 3-5 minute  segment,  from the video uploading into the computer, to the laying of the video and audio on the timeline, to the final tweaking of the piece takes around 10 hours to complete. We could probably do it faster, but we want the piece to be as perfect for you as possible.

As we complete segments pieces we will upload them  to our website for your review, and notify you via phone or email, so that you can view them personally. This way you can see your video as soon as it's finished and share the segments with your family and friends. back to top

How Long Will The Video Be?

If you contract with Bianco Spirito to do just the wedding ceremony we will also film the pre-ceremony and immediate post-ceremony footage.  You can expect the finished product to run around 15-20 minutes.  If Bianco Spirito also does the reception you can expect the video to run between 30-50 minutes.  Editing is a process that selects only the visually appealing shots and establishes pace. That is how a television program keeps the attention of its audience members.  Therefore, we sift through all the available footage and only use the shots that are the best quality.  We shorten these up as well, because while we may have 3 minutes of footage of Grandma sitting in her pew, no one really wants to watch it.  The real question, therefore, isn't how long will the video be, but how entertaining will it be? back to top
The Wedding Ceremony

"Even my guests said they didn't even realize she was there. Everyone felt comfortable with Robin, like she was a guest at the wedding.  Although we won your service [Angela won a free wedding video by attending the Dover Bridal Show] we received the service as if we paid top dollar.  We enjoyed your services and will  recommend them to everyone we know."

Angela Waters
Weddings come in all shapes and sizes from the large, formal gatherings like Tiffani and Robert's  to small intimate affairs, like Angela and Michael's, from high church ceremonies to civil services. But the ceremony itself is the central part of the event. Bianco Spirit considers every ceremony to be significant and unique. We will treat your event with the utmost care and respect. We understand, that, large or small, it may just be the most significant day in a couple's life.

That's why Bianco Spirito will arrive long before the wedding begins, to set up, check lighting, electrical and run microphones - so we're not in the way when the guests start arriving. Once the event begins we will remain stationary on a tripod as close but unobtrusively as possible to the action.  One thing we won't do is use lighting equipment, because that would destroy the intimacy of your moment.

Call Bianco Spirito today and tell us how we can help preserve the greatest moments of your life!
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Click here to see Angela and Michael's ceremony. The video may take a few moments to buffer.
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