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Terms and Conditions of Service

1. Unless otherwise specified in the contract by the client, BSP reserves the right to retain and use all video for promotional reasons.  Video may appear on the website or be given out as work samples to prospective clients, and may even be sold.

2.A 50% deposit is required to reserve the date. The balance is due when the DVD’s are delivered.

3.Upon your signing the agreement, Bianco Spirito Productions reserves the time and date you agreed upon and will not make other reservations for that date/time with another customer.

4.If Bianco Spirito Productions is unable to perform the services agreed upon for whatever reason, we will refund the deposit or return the money for undelivered disks.

5.It is the responsibility of the client to secure permission for videotaping of the event. The deposit is non-refundable if the date is cancelled due to proprietory issues.

6.Bianco Spirito Productions will abide by the by the rules of the organization regarding camera placement.

7.Bianco Spirito Productions does not permanently retain copies of the DVD.

8.Bianco Spirito Productions will take the utmost care in order to produce a video of good quality. However, we will not be responsible for circumstances beyond our control (including but not limited to power failure, equipment malfunction, and defective tape stock).  If taping is prevented due to such occurrences the deposit will be refunded.

9.Bianco Spirito Productions can make no guarantee, either express or implied, in regard to aesthetic qualities of the completed videotape. Refunds will not be tendered due to disagreements regarding aesthetics.

10.Under any and all services, Bianco Spirito Production’s liability is limited to the refund of the deposit or collected DVD sales money. back to top

Event Videography Terms & Pricing
Event Videography

Bianco Spirito is always happy to work with clients to find the right pricing and services to fit their budget.  That's precisely why so many of our first time customers become repeat customers, like Kathy from "Pirates for Sail," who wrote:

"You did an awesome job and I hope that our performance will lead to future gigs, I know we'll be calling on you again!"
Kathy Michau
Founder of  Pirates For Sail, LLC
aka Capt Molly The Crympe

Call Bianco Spirito today and tell us what we can do to meet your needs!

Event Videography Pricing Guide

Depending on what event you need shot, and the editing time required, below is a price guide for many of our services.

$100.00/hr. Professional Single Camera Shooting at one location

$140.00/hr. 2 Camera setups

$10.00/hr. Editing – depending on the depth and complexity of the editing and the length required for the final segment the editing costs can vary widely. An estimate of editing can be given at the time we discuss the contract, a final bill will total anything unpaid in the deposit and is due upon receipt of product.

$25.00 ea. Additional disks after the agreed upon number has been delivered.

$50.00/per disk Raw, unedited video burned directly to disk. Do note: raw footage is never as appealing as edited video.

For shoots over 20 miles away, or requiring multiple locations, an additional .55 cents per mile travel expenses will be charged.

Large Events Videography     – Concerts, Drama Events, Music Events and Graduations

For events where a large audience will be in attendance,  Bianco Spirito can provide a no-fee shoot. In lieu of payment for our services, the client agrees to assist us in selling commemorative DVD’s.  If BSP is able to sell a requisite number of DVD’s (currently 20 DVD’s), the shooting and editing will be free to the host client. If BSP fails to sell the requisite number of DVD’s the host client picks up the tab for the number of unsold DVD’s. and receives the number of unsold DVD's. Once BSP sells $1000 worth of commerorative DVD’s, $5.00 of every $25.00 will be returned to the host to help defer their costs.