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Corporate and Educational Videos
  Bianco Spirito
Mr. Selikhov recalls a favorite student;
and recalls what he learned about teaching.

Recently BSP finished a series of 10 video shorts of teacher interviews and classroom segments for the Delaware Department of Education, Language Acquisition Office.

In this short video clip Seaford School District's, West Seaford Elementary ELL Instructor, Michael Selikhov recounts the teaching lesson he learned from one very special child.

He feared that children who had never learned English, nor been in a classroom would be unable to learn. 

"Alexzaner taught me otherwise, for which I'm grateful.  Any student can learn, any time."

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All Things B

At Ceasar Rodney School District's, Nellie Stokes Elementary School, ELL Instructor, Ms. Maria Paxson teaches her English Language Learner students everything there is to know about the letter B.

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